Fast-Tool AG

Partner of the Swiss machinery industry

fast-tool is the Swiss supplier portal for CNC machining and the machinery industry. Using an effective and industry-oriented approach, we connect suppliers with buyers in the metal-processing industry in Switzerland.

The network of the future

fast-tool makes searching for suitable business partners for components and assemblies much easier. By saving time and effort spent searching for business partners, fast-tool reduces miscellaneous costs and increases the speed with which high-value products come onto the market.

It is based on a sophisticated, modular database which sets the benchmark for buying and enables manufacturers to utilise their capacity to a greater extent and in a more consistent way. fast-tool allows you to effortlessly shorten supply chains and reduce delivery times, since your partners will always be a stone’s throw away.

Our vision

Our machinery industry is under pressure due to the decreasing numbers of items to be produced and the increasing complexity of the workpieces, placing every greater demands on buyers and suppliers. fast-tool provides the perfect solution for preparing the industry for this sort of challenge.

We believe in Switzerland’s industry and are strengthening it through sophisticated digitalisation. The benefits of fast-tool serve to sustain the Swiss metal industry and thus encourage future-securing investments.

With servers based in Switzerland, fast-tool ensures top reliability for functionality, efficiency and data protection.

See the benefits for yourself.

We are here for you

We offer outstanding service around the clock. We are happy to help if you have questions or if any issues come up. You can get one-to-one support via our hotline, email or browser-based screen sharing through TeamViewer.

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