What fast-tool does for suppliers

Increase your utilised capacity with contracts perfectly suited to your company.

Efficient, production-oriented, tailored.

Receive enquiries made just for you

fast-tool allows you to quickly and easily present your services to over 1000 buyers in the metal industry nationwide. With just a few clicks, you can select your areas of expertise from over 200 types of services. Do you invest in new technology? You can easily adjust your profile’s portfolio at any time.

Set up your digital workshop

List your range of machinery on your profile, choosing from a constantly updated selection of over 2400 machines from various manufacturers. Personalise your specifications with, for example, maximum dimensions or minimum required number of items. This lets fast-tool automatically know which enquiries are an ideal match for your technology.

Comprehensive quote management

Create quotes using our intuitive interface, which will save you time and hassle. Thanks to fast-tool’s sophisticated programming, you can see your quotes as well as their statuses all in one place. The MS Office interfaces help you out with the busy work.

fast-tool also helps when categorising your quotes because our system will show you how your prices compare with those of your competitors once the contracts have been awarded.

From aluminium to zinc

Do you need material for a contract quickly and hassle-free? Choose from our database of more than 1300 types of material ranging from standard to special materials. The straightforward enquiry process is the best way to make express enquiries.

Find suitable subcontractors

If you need additional services for a contract, you can use our database to find suitable partners in Switzerland. From powder coating to heat treatment, fast-tool will let you find what you are looking for in minutes.

Show us what you can do

fast-tool is a place where your sought-after expertise can be discovered.
See for yourself – the membership pays for itself.

Web-based platform

fast-tool is a web-based platform, meaning that nothing needs to be entered into your existing IT infrastructure. The easy and straightforward registration process will open up the gates to the world of Swiss technology in a matter of minutes.

100% Swiss Made

You will benefit from strengthening Switzerland’s industry together with us. Shorten your supply chains and delivery times by partnering with competitive Swiss contractors to manufacture your parts.